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(Reproduced with permission from the authors but modified to ensure confidentiality)

Thank you Liz,
For your advice and support in our time of difficulty. You have helped us achieve so much.
You have a good heart, which has been rare to find this week. Continue to do good in the
face of adversity ! 

With love & gratitude  from Julie S. and Patrick H.

Dear Koh Samui Funeral Services,

Thanks again for the great help you have been to us at this difficult time. The service at the temple and your attention to detail made all the difference, as did your arrangements for the wake.

Family Karl <******> from Lower Austria, August 2007

…….Your help was greatly appreciated, your service to us remarkable, and due to the wonderful organisation we were able to bury our son’s remains, in this amazingly beautiful
Thai urn with dignity and the appropriate rites back home with us.

Best personal regards from Tom & Linda <*******>, Austin Texas USA January 2008

……..Our family would like to express our thankfulness for your extraordinary service.
The peaceful and enchanting way the Thai religious rites were conducted, the
memories of this day will stay forever in our hearts.

From Jason’s family in Cornwall, UK. April 2008